Hello, World!

Welcome to my freshly squeezed blog!
My name is Guy Arad, 32 years old, father to awesome twins and an even more awesome wife – they are my real passion in life. But I’m not going to bore you with that 😉
I also love travelling, skiing, diving, movies, TV shows and gourmet food.
I’m an experienced software engineer, with about 14 years of being paid to code, although I was into computers, probably since I was 5.
I’m *not* an experienced writer, however, but decided it’s time that I share my daily challenges with whomever it may concern.
I’m passionate about learning new things, and even more passionate about learning how things work (that’s not limited to technology), delving into the details of every technology I stumbled upon and trying to dissect it to the best of my ability.
I’m going to share things I learned, and challenges I faced, such that I couldn’t find being explained in a good enough manner elsewhere.

Since I really am a beginner at this, please feel free to correct me (English, claims, conclusions – whatever). Encouragements are also welcome 🙂

I hope we all going to have fun, you reading it and me writing it!

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